Musicians on these recordings are:

Mark Marshall - Vocals
Bob Wentzel - Bass
Loral Johnson - Guitar
LeRoy Brewington - Drums

These are songs extracted from the "lost tapes" so far:

(Yes, I know the spellings are not the same as the originals,
these are our covers, so I named the my way.....)

Mamma Kin - Aerosmith cover

A Passage to Bangkok - Rush cover


Just found! In a box, my wife had put away. One cassette tape I thought was lost forever...

Promises Promises demo tape.
Recorded at Mid-South Audio in Georgetown DE

All songs were meant for demo use for gigs. Short versions just to show how we start a song and end it live. None are full-length or with solos or drawn out parts.

We paid $200 and had 2 hours to setup, tune-up, record, mix, and tear down and got 5 cassette tapes. We ran out of time and never got to do the background / harmony vocals.

All songs were recorded in one take, no overdubs. The only exception was "Roll With The Changes", as I couldn't get the sound right using my red Franken-Strat and wearing headphones. I cranked up my amp, took off one cup of the headphone, and used my Les Paul, and nailed it first time!


Songs on the tape are:

Magic Man - Heart cover
Working For The Weekend - Loverboy cover
Girl Can't Help It - Journey cover
Roll With The Changes - REO Speedwagon cover




Promises Promises - Live 

From the band "Promises Promises" here are some LIVE samples from a gig in 1995:

Chris Brewington - Vocals
Ed Bailey - Bass & Vocals
Loral Johnson - Guitars, Vocals & Weird Noises
Dave Scott - Drums & Percussion

Time - Pink Floyd cover - Live

Feels Like the First Time - Foreigner cover - Live

Take It On The Run - REO Speedwagon cover - Live

(check back soon, more to come!)

Loral's JukeboxFor users of Android devices (tablets, cell phones, etc.); Flash is no longer available,
so the "Juke Box" on my main page isn't working on the main page. BUT.... you can
still listen to the tunes by clicking the links below:

Linda Tift - Vocals
Ed Bailey - Bass & Vocals
Loral Johnson - Guitars, Vocals & Weird Noises
LeRoy Brewington - Drums & Percussion
Tom Baker - Keyboards - La Villa Strangiato - Live Version
Vinny Hazeltine - Keyboards - Studio Songs

La Villa Strangiato (Solo Only) - Rush cover - Live!
La Villa Strangiato - Entire Song, well, we sequed into another song....

Magic Man - Heart cover - Studio recording

Working For The Weekend - Loverboy cover - Studio recording